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Pi3B+ Buster / 4DPI-24 - Loss of Network device

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  • Pi3B+ Buster / 4DPI-24 - Loss of Network device

    I am able to get Buster (2019-07-10) running on a Pi3B+ with the 4-14-34_v1.1 drivers... but my NIC disappears? But... I am able to still use the WiFi. Anyone else?

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    Here is a pre-release Kernel Pack for the Buster Desktop release from July 2019. It is not working for Lite yet it seems, but hopefully there will be an update soon.
    Please note the /download link as per the datasheet is not working currently, we are actively trying to resolve this.
    For now, you can download the Pre-Release kernel pack from the product pages on the website.
    Kernel 4-19-57

    Here is a temporary direct link



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      Can install this directly over what I already have in place or do I have to re-image the Pi? (new user to the 4D devices)

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    Well this is a patch to a Kernel, so the base kernel installed on the OS needs to be the same base version as the patch.
    So if you have something working now, I would imagine you need to do a apt-get update and upgrade, to get to the latest release Kernel, and then apply this patch over the top. This patch is for Kernel 4-19, specifically this is 4-19-57


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      The Pre-Release Pi Kernel Patch for the Pi4 (and earlier Pi3B+, 3, 2, 1 etc) is available here, which you can apply over top of the July 2019 version of the Buster Desktop version of Raspbian.

      If you follow instructions as per the Datasheet of your 4DPi module, just place this URL in place of the one in the Datasheet and do the wget and tar extraction commands on this as listed in the datasheet, as those have not yet been updated.