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Graphical objetcs overlap and display refresh delay

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  • Graphical objetcs overlap and display refresh delay

    Hi everybody,

    I'm using Visi Genie and a GEN4-ULCD-43DCT (diablo 16) screen and I need to display 2 different graphical objects one on front of the other:
    - first object is a smart Gauge displaying tachometer information;
    - second object will be a user image or another smart Gauges displaying speed information;
    The tricky part is that those 2 objets need to be displayed in the same area (see the attached document for the required visual aspect)...
    I made a quick testing: I alternatively send new tacometer then new speed information while receiving the acknowledgment of the latest frame:
    - host > display : tacometer information
    - host > display : waiting for ackowledgment
    - host > display: speed information
    - host > display: waiting for acknowledgment

    Result is that speed information is blinking; I guess this is because of the 40ms acknowlegment delay of the screen (meaning that i may not speed up the sending frame frequency) and because the screen displays the latest received information, is it correct?
    Question is: Is the screen able to frame buffering and then to refresh every graphical objects at the same time, maybe with an internal function??

    Many thanks for any help!
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    Hi Lore,

    Good Day.

    I would recommend simply clipping the regions required to be updated. I attached a sample project as reference to the project that you are doing.

    On the sample project, we clip 3 region on the smart widgets before drawing it leaving the a small region to not be redrawn. In this same region, you can add another widget on top that you can simply update normally. Then we made a MagicObject that will update the smart widget by receiving a Write Object command. This will eliminate the flickering of the widgets when drawn on top of each other.

    You might want to check the project through GTX.

    Instead of setting the value of the SmartGauge, set the MagicObject to your desired SmartGauge value.
    The led digits object can be updated normally.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
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      Got the idea! sounds to work pretty well =D
      Thanks a lot for your reply !!
      I'll try to apply your solution with my own graphical objects !

      Have a nice day!