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*First-Time User* 4Duino-24 Screen only shows "Mounting..."

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  • *First-Time User* 4Duino-24 Screen only shows "Mounting..."

    I had just got the 4Duino-24 to interface with the Arduino and Workshop 4 IDEs and wanted to run a test of the 4Duino-24 by running one of the already written sketches (i.e.: Image). However, despite a successful Comp n' Load, the screen only shows "Mounting..." and won't display the image.
    Click image for larger version

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    Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Can you please check if you have properly mounted the uSD card?

    Quoted on the datasheet -
    A microSD card is required when using 4Duino Extend Graphics environment, due to each of the extended widgets being created with images.
    These images need to be stored on a microSD card for the Picaso process to then utilise them.
    By clicking the Compile and Load Button, the Workshop4 should automatically build the graphic files needed on your project. This will prompt you to save it on the uSD card.
    If it does not, just click on the WYSIWYG pane (e.g. Form, Winbutton, etc..) to generate the files or you can also force it by pressing SHIFT+F9.

    the screen only shows "Mounting..." and won't display the image.
    If you have noticed on the sample program, there is a routine which detects if a uSD card is present or not. The mounting message means that it is trying to mount the uSD card. It usually happens after the mount SD card command has been sent to the display.

    Also, you need to check if the GCI and DAT files declared on your program matches the GCI and DAT files your uSD card.
    hndl = Display.file_LoadImageControl("IMAGE~1.dat", "IMAGE~1.gci", 1);
    If the filenames do match it should display the graphics file properly.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


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      I mounted it into the slot with the golden strips facing the bottom. And previously, even with the uSD mounted as described, the screen still showed “Mounting...”


      • John Kevin
        John Kevin commented
        Editing a comment

        Have you checked the filenames (DAT, GCI) in the uSD card? If it matches with what is declared in the program, there should be no problem running the example program, unless you have a bad uSD card.
        Do you have any spare uSD card which you can try?

        Best Regards,

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      Actually never mind. I solved it; had to get an SD card then compile n' load. The image test works.



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        Thank you for informing us. Should you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

        Best Regards,