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4DPi-32 Raspi3b+ Buster HDMI Problem

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  • 4DPi-32 Raspi3b+ Buster HDMI Problem


    I've managed to install the kernel hat changes and everything appears to be working correctly (I have to say the screen size / resolution is almost unworkable).

    I've tried various combinations of HDMI plugged in etc but it now doesn't work (all I get is a flashing line). Having looked through your forum at similar issues I don't think they're Buster related because I don't have the lines suggested to comment out.

    Didn't take a copy of the boot config.txt file, sadly. I've tried various things but can't seem to get the HDMI to work, would really appreciate some help.

    I'm booting from a USB thumb-drive, not sure if this is related?

    Best regards,

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    Dear Steven,

    Good Day.

    Welcome to the 4D Systems forum.

    To switch from TFT and HDMI, you can do the following.

    1. Boot your raspberry pi to CLI, best to do it on SSH. Type
    sudo raspi-config
    2. Select 3 Boot Options >> B1 Desktop / CLI >> B2 Console Autologin

    3. Then click Finish and reboot your Raspberry Pi.

    4. Once booted, it will automatically login on CLI. Follow the instruction on the Datasheet Section 4.9 or type the following.

    Boot to TFT (make sure that 4D Display is connected)
     startx -- -layout TFT
    Boot to HDMI (make sure that HDMI cable is connected)
    startx -- -layout HDMI
    Note, you can not use both display simultaneusly, you also need to reboot everytime you switch display output.Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,