I'm having issues with the touch screen of the 4DCAPE-70T and a BeagleBone Black.

The issue is that sometimes, randomly, the screen makes like a "double click". Is not a big problem, but it bother me and i wanna fix it.
The app has a numeric keypad and often you get like 2 or 3 inputs.

I've been working in two projects.
The first was on LXQT (oficial debian image) and PyQT. The touchscreen act like a mouse.

The second project uses the oficial IoT debian image, with Qt runing directly on the FB and using TSLIB for the input (previously I used udev but with the same result). Also uses the latest kernel available.

Both projects have the same issue. But using different Beaglebone board and 4DCAPE-70T screen.
The application works flawessly with a usb mouse. So i don't think that is on my code side.

Any idea?
Thank you in advance