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gen4-4dpi-70T i2c sharing

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  • frsantiago
    Hi wmarchewka,

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    It's possible to connect multiple I2C devices on I2C bus as long as they don’t share the same address, so they do not interfere with each other. With our touch driver connected to I2C bus, it is fine to connect other I2C devices and the touch will still work.

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  • wmarchewka
    started a topic gen4-4dpi-70T i2c sharing

    gen4-4dpi-70T i2c sharing

    According to the data sheet, the on-board Resistive Touch Screen Controller or on-board Capacitive Touch Controller, utilizes the I2C bus (SDA1, SCL1) to communicate to the Raspberry Pi. The I2C bus is capable of communicating with other devices also, so isn’t restricted to only the 4DPi’s touch controller. Any hints on this? How would i not have collisions if i were to try and talk to another device at the same time?