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New to 4d displays. Need help getting to grasp with forms.

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  • New to 4d displays. Need help getting to grasp with forms.

    Hi Guys,

    Total noob here when it comes to 4d displays. I've done some C programming in the past primarily used for programming PICs with non graphical interfaces before.

    I'm using Workshop4 (v4.5.0.17) and a GEN4-ULCD-35DT display. I am solely using the processor on the 4d for everything, connected via 4DUPA board. My preference, and what I have used so far, is the Visi development environment. I've completed a "Visi getting started" document 4D-AN-00119 as well as a few others when I started playing with the display in march. It sat on my bench for a few months and now the website seems to have changed, and it is harder for me to locate the tutorials dealing specifically with diablo16 displays using Visi development environment. I'm not sure how to search more than one tag at a time in the blog. Since the application notes do not appear to be in an order that is intuitive, what order should I follow them in?

    I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the info out there, and having trouble finding what to look for when it comes to a beginners guide to getting a grasp on everything.

    So far i've managed to get images displaying, get print statements and inputs working, add some touch control, read out data from analogue pins onto digital displays and gauges. I am looking for a beginners tutorial on the use of forms. Specifically what their purpose is, and how to navigate between them using touch control. Ideally I'd like a step by step beginners tutorial to be able to properly implement forms (similar to the Visi getting started guide, and others like it).

    Thanks everyone. Love the displays.

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    I found this, which helps a bit:


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      Hi domophone,

      Welcome to the forum.

      We are currently working on some changes that will make it easier in finding application notes. For now here are some of the links that might help you programming in ViSi environment,

      Designer or ViSi Playing Sounds
      Designer or ViSi Touch Detection
      Designer or ViSi String Class Function
      Designer or ViSi How to Draw Pixels and Lines
      Designer or ViSi How to Draw Circles and Rectangles
      Designer or ViSi How to Draw Triangles and Polygons

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you.