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Slow response in Trackbars and reduce responsive are in buttons when Program grows

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  • Slow response in Trackbars and reduce responsive are in buttons when Program grows

    Hi everyone,

    I am having real problems to identify the reason of the slow response in trackbars and buttons, when the program grows.
    I have a big program developed in Visi for a GEN4 Diablo 16 screen, the program contains 4 Forms (4 screens), and the user navigates through them for different funcionalities in the machine. One of the Forms, the last one I added and a very simple one, contains a couple of trackbars and +/- buttons as input widgets for the user to select maximum a minimum values.

    When I reduce the program to 2 simple Forms: welcome screen and this selection screen the trackbars and buttons response is perfect (see attached project " ").
    However inserted in the complete program (attached ) the response of the widgets is to slow and bad .

    In theory when I move to Form to Form I disable all the funcionalities and buttons from the Form that I am leaving and I load the new buttons and funcionalities for the new Form.
    Have someone faced a similar problem?

    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards

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    Sorry for the delayed answer.

    Running your code without the attached devices is causing it to reset so I am trying to isolate that for testing. I did notice that some forms turn transparency on but it doesn't seem to be used.

    screen_Form1 line 2948
    screen_Form2 line 3116
    screen_Form3 line 3181

    gfx_TransparentColour(0x0020); // uncomment if transparency required
    gfx_Transparency(ON); // uncomment if transparency required

    If you're not using transparency, could you please try commenting out these lines and let me know if anything changes. If you are using transparency it would be good practice to turn it off again when it isn't needed


    Best regards



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      Hi pauleilio,
      Thanks for your help.
      Attached is a zip version with all the external devices OFF. I tried the transparency off but it seems no change at all.
      To be more specific on the problem, so you can try it easily: From Form2 there is a button "IV Settings" where the system goes to "Form4" where the malfunctioning buttons and trackbars can be found. I can not find a way to enter these values (Max. Voltage and Min. Voltage) with a widget that works properly. I experience very difficult to move the trackbars to its ends and the +/- buttons are just sensitive in some corners. If I try with different widgets (rotary switch, or knobs) I have the same bad touch response.

      When I test the same screen apart all the widget work (perfect touch response).
      Could it be something related with the memory? Maybe the program is too big and is collapsing some resources?

      Best regards


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        Thank you for modifying the code I will give it a thorough test today and hopefully I will find the issue and fix anything I find

        Best regards