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How to download a file to SD card with gen4-IB or 4D-UPA

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  • How to download a file to SD card with gen4-IB or 4D-UPA

    Hello to all
    Is there a program to download a .txt or .gci file directly to SD without having to extract the SD from the display?
    I would like to use a gen4-uLCD-43DT as a user interface. To the user I must present texts or small icons.
    The program can be of the type:
    Handle: = file_LoadImageControl ("KeysP.dat", "KeysP.gci", 1);
    if (KeyS == 1 || ForceKeys == 1)
    img_SetPosition (Handle, 0, XTasto1, YTasto1);
    img_Show (Handle, 0);
    if (KeyM == 1 || ForceKeys == 1)
    img_SetPosition (Handle, 1, XTasto1, YTasto1);
    img_Show (Handle, 1);
    Everything seems to work properly. But every time I have to replace an image, I lose a lot of time to
    - turn off the display
    - remove the SD card
    - insert it in the PC
    - update the KEYP files *
    - replace the SD on the display and test.
    Same procedure with text files from which I want to extract the messages to send to the operator.
    Many thanks for the suggestions, Valter.

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    Hello Valter,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Maybe this utility can help you with your application:
    File Transfer over serial (Programming) cable Utility

    I hope this helps.
    Best Regards,


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      Hello John
      Your suggestion is perfect. FTR03 is exacly what I need, and works fine.
      Only one clarification: I must set baudrate 115200 before connect, otherwise a "Mount failed" error occours (I discover this thanks a reply of Vincent44 in another forums).
      Many thanks!


      • John Kevin
        John Kevin commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi Valter,

        Ok, thanks for letting us know.

        Best Regards,

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      Hi John (and all)
      An update: with the same work environment (PC, USB port, display, ecc..), changing from Gen4-IB to 4D-UPA interface, the communication speed increase from 115200 to the maximum.
      Best regards, Valter


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        You didn't say how you were connecting to the Gen4-IB. Did you, perhaps, need to run the AN205SW program, as per the documentation?


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          Hi Mark,
          Surely, the first time I tried FileTransfer.exe (with GEN4-IB) I also install "CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe", but I never managed to get the PC to dialogue with the display at maximum speed. Once switched to 4D-UPA, maybe FileTransfer find the driver installed and automatically the communication goes at maximum speed.
          Best regards, Valter