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How to download a file to SD card with gen4-IB or 4D-UPA

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  • How to download a file to SD card with gen4-IB or 4D-UPA

    Hello to all
    Is there a program to download a .txt or .gci file directly to SD without having to extract the SD from the display?
    I would like to use a gen4-uLCD-43DT as a user interface. To the user I must present texts or small icons.
    The program can be of the type:
    Handle: = file_LoadImageControl ("KeysP.dat", "KeysP.gci", 1);
    if (KeyS == 1 || ForceKeys == 1)
    img_SetPosition (Handle, 0, XTasto1, YTasto1);
    img_Show (Handle, 0);
    if (KeyM == 1 || ForceKeys == 1)
    img_SetPosition (Handle, 1, XTasto1, YTasto1);
    img_Show (Handle, 1);
    Everything seems to work properly. But every time I have to replace an image, I lose a lot of time to
    - turn off the display
    - remove the SD card
    - insert it in the PC
    - update the KEYP files *
    - replace the SD on the display and test.
    Same procedure with text files from which I want to extract the messages to send to the operator.
    Many thanks for the suggestions, Valter.

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    Hello Valter,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Maybe this utility can help you with your application:
    File Transfer over serial (Programming) cable Utility

    I hope this helps.
    Best Regards,


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      Hello John
      Your suggestion is perfect. FTR03 is exacly what I need, and works fine.
      Only one clarification: I must set baudrate 115200 before connect, otherwise a "Mount failed" error occours (I discover this thanks a reply of Vincent44 in another forums).
      Many thanks!


      • John Kevin
        John Kevin commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi Valter,

        Ok, thanks for letting us know.

        Best Regards,

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      Hi John (and all)
      An update: with the same work environment (PC, USB port, display, ecc..), changing from Gen4-IB to 4D-UPA interface, the communication speed increase from 115200 to the maximum.
      Best regards, Valter


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        You didn't say how you were connecting to the Gen4-IB. Did you, perhaps, need to run the AN205SW program, as per the documentation?


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          Hi Mark,
          Surely, the first time I tried FileTransfer.exe (with GEN4-IB) I also install "CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe", but I never managed to get the PC to dialogue with the display at maximum speed. Once switched to 4D-UPA, maybe FileTransfer find the driver installed and automatically the communication goes at maximum speed.
          Best regards, Valter


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            I am new to 4D Systems and have a Diablo uLCD-90DT/DCT connected to a Gen4-PA connector. However, I am not able to get the USB rates up to 2mbps. My laptop has USB3 connectors, but device manager only reports a max of 1mbps. With the IDE file transfer I can connect up to 600kbps and transfer files to the onboard microSD.

            Of course connecting with the IDE to the uLCD-90DT/DCT, 'max' seems to default to 2.3mbps and the upload fails. However, it works with 115kbps. It is of course painfully slow to transfer a design into the screen.

            I am not sure where the issue is. Looking at this thread, would the 4D-UPA adaptor help solve this and up the transfer rate to 2mbps?




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              The Gen4-PA should work fine. The 4D-UPA uses exactly the same chip and will not change anything.

              Where does it say the max is 1mbps and what driver version are you using.

              There is a severe bug in the 10.1.8 which we reported to SiLabs back in February and is still open. 10.1.9 has been released, and so probably has the same issue, as may various earlier drivers, as we did not expect resolution to take this long.

              I'm using the (19/09/2016) driver and that works just fine.

              I think you can get a working driver by 'just' installing the drivers labelled "Download for Windows 7/8/8.1 (v6.7.6)" and ignoring the Windows 10 driver


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                Hi Mark,

                Thank you! I downloaded and installed the WIndows 7/8/8.1 driver version (5/23/2018). The file upload throughput has improved probably by 5-10 times. File transfer is now also connecting at 2mbps.

                Much appreciated. Now we can start doing some serious work with the display!