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Arduino V1.8.9 Serial Interface

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  • Arduino V1.8.9 Serial Interface

    I struggle to get my uLCD-32PTU working with the newer Arduino Versions via Serial. No problem if I am using Arduino V1.0.5 can upload, and display work with my sketches or with the BigDemo. With the newer Versions of Arduino V1.8.9 it uploads but nothing on the LCD with any sketch. I downloaded the latest BigDemo but to no avail. My LCD runs SPE2 rev 1.4 and PmmC rev 4.4. I kept V1.0.5 just to be able to use my 4D displays, but unfortunately I need to use a the newer version for what I want to achieve. Thanks

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    I ran some tests on my end using the same display module but running SPE2 rev 1.5 and PmmC rev 4.4, and couldn't find any problem. Please download the latest version of Workshop4 IDE and load the latest SPE program.

    Click image for larger version

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    Best regards,


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      Thanks, good news then is that it will work.

      I downloaded Workshop4 IDE from your website.
      Shown Version If I upload the SPE to the LCD it remains as before SPE2 rev 1.4

      Maybe you can give me another link to the latest Version. ‚Äč


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        You are currently using the latest version of Workshop4.

        The SPE2 rev 1.5 will be available on the next Workshop4 release. However, there shouldn't be any much difference that could cause this issue.

        I performed the same test using SPE rev 1.4 by rolling back to an official release and there doesn't seem to be any issue. I also have Arduino IDE v1.8.9.

        The test involved uploading BigDemo to an Arduino and everything ran perfectly fine.

        That being said, you shouldn't really be having this issue.

        For now, can you please try a clean install.

        1. Uninstall Workshop4 and Arduino IDE
        2. Install Arduino IDE (This should be installed on the default directories)
        3. Install Workrhop4 (This will copy latest versions of the library files to the appropriate directory)

        Afterwards, try running the BigDemo example from Arduino IDE.

        Thanks and kind regards,


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          Thanks, Sherwin

          All fine after I done as you said.