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  • transfer serial image to sd Q's

    this probably was asked prior but is there anyway that i can use graphics composer to create image files that i can burn to sd card on display with diablo16 spe serial slave mode? i'd like to make a tool in visual studio to simplify testing in future.

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    You can use the Graphics Composer to generate the .DAT and the .GCI files of the image. Then use the File Transfer Utility to transfer the files on your computer to the uSD card
    on your display module. After getting the files, you can use the FAT16 file Command available on the Serial.

    For using the basic commands available for accessing a FAT16-formatted uSD card, you may check this application note:
    AN-00112 Serial uSD Card Access FAT16

    However, if you will not store the image on the uSD card, after generating the dat and gci files you can use the 'blitComtoDisplay' command to directly show the image on the display.

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