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Updating files to SD card remotely with Arduino

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  • Updating files to SD card remotely with Arduino


    I've been working with a 4D systems display for a while and I wanted to do some research about updating the SD card files (like images and fonts data) without having to unmount the SD card from the display module.

    One thing to consider is that I'm controlling the Display over an Arduino Development board based (A Particle photon) and it's working great. But If I plan to take advantage of the OTA update, I would like to also be able to update images and fonts in my application.

    I've checked a link which is talking something related to this:

    However, looks like it works when you control the display using another module between the display and the PC.

    Is there any possibility to achieve this? Is there any documentation to follow in order to achieve what I want to do? or isn't possible?

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    You need to create a 'mother' program that will call a 'child' program - which will be running on the display. You can use the file_Run() command to call the child program. The 'child' program is the one that will be replaced on every update. For updating the 'child' program, you may need to delete the file and transfer a new file. In that case, the 'mother' program must have a routine that can handle this type of update.

    The problem is replacing the file "RunBank1.4xe" on the uSD card. If you are using the Arduino Development Board to communicate with the display then you need to find a way to transfer the files from the Dev board to the Display module.

    There is a discussion on this thread which you may found useful:

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