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Migrating to Gen4 from previous

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  • Migrating to Gen4 from previous

    I'm trying to get new Gen4 uLCD-43D display to work. I have working prototype with older 43D display. Upgraded Workshop 4 to new version (support for Gen4), Opened previous file for older display. Selected Gen4 display, put uSD in PC. Compiled and saved to uSD with no errors or warnings. Inserted uSD in Gen4 display. Plugged into working prototype. Powered up. Only shows default power up screen (display data, etc.). Does not display programmed screens, no changing data.

    The Gen4 data sheet has not been helpful. I can find no documentation on transitioning to the new Gen4 displays on web site.The old displays work great.

    I'm open to any suggestions

    Thanks in advance.....

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    I believe that I found the problem..... The program was loading to Bank1 of the flash, when I switched to Bank0, it appears to be working.