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Upgrading to Gen4 43D display

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  • Upgrading to Gen4 43D display

    Thought I had it "whipped.... hopefully one last hiccup

    With the older display, sending a negative 1 (-1) as the string variable shut off the display of the associated character string. Not apparently the case with the Gen4 display. Is there an equivalent for the Gen4? If not, is there an elegant (or even ugly) way to disable the display of a defined character string block on the fly?

    I am using jumpers that are read at beginning of program to set the display for the correct mode. Driven by a ArduinoProMini5v serial port. Works great with older gen display.

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    code snippet

    "genie.WriteObject(GENIE_OBJ_LED_DIGITS, 4, -1) in old display, this shut off the display of LEDDIGIT4, Gen4 does not


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      There is no difference between old and gen4 in this regard. Are you sure you have the option enabled in Workshop4 on the project you are using for gen4?
      It's in the Project menu, you need to click the button to allow things to be disabled.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	2019-10-18_9-31-35.png Views:	5 Size:	17.2 KB ID:	70019Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-10-18_14-22-28.png
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        Did as you suggested, enabled the button disable box. Re-compiled, reflashed 43d and uSD card. same results, no digit disable with above genie command string. LEDDIGIT$ displays "5535" after command sent.

        Do I have to find older displays for this project?


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          If you only need to disable an LEDdigit and don't need to bring it back, you can place another object on top like a user image that is the same color as your background. So long as you don't write to the LEDdigit then it will remain hidden by the user image.

          I hope this helps

          Best regards