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gen4-4DCAPE-50CT-CLB Questions

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  • gen4-4DCAPE-50CT-CLB Questions

    I plan to buy severals units for that model but before have several questions.

    How must be mounted? have no screws so I suppose will need to paste to the metallic box I use for my development? With fulge will you suggest according is a truck with a lot of movement?

    Is waterproof?

    We are working with "beaglebone AI" modules because are faster and have a lot of memory. Is compatible? Do you test? We need confirmation on that topic please.

    Will be waiting your help.

    best regards.

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    The Beaglebone AI is not yet compatible for the gen4-4DCAPE's, however it is in development. There is currently no support for LCD capes on the BB AI, the team is still working on that side of things. We are actively monitoring and waiting for updates from them. Hopefully we will have good news soon.

    The -CLB displays are mounted with 3M tape which is present around the boarder of the cover lens bezel (CLB) - which is the front surface of the display which overhangs the body of the display. You then make a cutout in your panel to fit the body of the display module in, and the CLB bezel will stick directly to your panel. You can also glue or seal the display in as you see fit, depending on your application, to make a completely water tight seal.
    When the CLB is in your panel it should be watertight yes, from the front surface. The CLB is made from hardened glass. Obviously the back of the module is not waterproof, so it needs to be sealed appropriately into your enclosure.

    I hope this helps