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LoadProgram functionality.

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  • LoadProgram functionality.

    I'm working on creating a linux based programmer for the display. There is just one small part that I am having trouble figuring out. When programming the display, after the display has identified itself, loadprogram.4xe send the header of the program, followed by the name of the program, followed by the size of the program, followed by two bytes, and then finally the actual program. What I can't figure out is, is what those two bytes between the size and the actual program are. Could I please be advised as to what those two bytes are, and how they are determined

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    The information you are looking for requires an NDA to be signed first.

    Please create a Ticket through our Support page to start with the process.

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      Ok, thank you.

      On a separate note, how does LoadProgram.exe determine if the program loaded successfully? The reason I ask, is that when I use it to load small programs it often falsely reports that the program failed to execute. When this happens in a script that calls loadprogram.exe it halts to script. The version of load program I have is and PmmC R20 for my diablo display


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        If the first thing you do in your program is change COM0's baud rate, then it's possible to get that message as the baud rate will have changed before the ACK is sent from the display.

        A 1ms delay before the baud rate change will fix that.


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          That did it, thanks!