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  • Fragmented documentation!

    I have written on this before and received some links to the ap-notes. It is not that your docs are not very clear and helpful - it is that they are so scattered into many small docs - in no particular order - I currently have a folder with over 40 ap notes! And to store them locally in a way I could find them - I had to change the (cryptic) computer-generated filenames to something I could identify and find.

    I think you have a great product but it is a struggle to get to learn them. In addition to the multiplicity of ap-notes, each one has the SAME intro repeated in each one. And then a number of the links in the PDF's have gone dead and take one to a "404" page.

    I suspect it would be a major undertaking - but I feel a SINGLE (or maybe 2 or 3) comprehensive manuals would be far more useful. Don't be afraid of big PDF's - one I have one for an ARM SoCthat is some 3000 pages! I'm not new to programming & software - just new to the "4D Way". For example - when I use the (great!) Workshop utility - and use Visi tool - it offers handy buttons to "paste code". However at this point i have been unable to learn the overall structure of a 4D program - and have no idea WHERE I should paste the code! Perhaps the Visi option is older and replaced by Visi-Genie...

    I think there should be some major single manual the details the 4D environment, how programs are structured and reference for and examples of how the event system works. It seems your collection of "ap notes" are more like disconnected chapters of a reference manual!

    No need for links or pointers - I'm getting used to the system - and with my 40 some ap-notes am working my way into using the 4D display. You've been pretty successful for many years - so I guess it is just "me"... LOL!

    Final note for the Workshop4IDE - it would be so great if you could make the Windows "Minimize" button ("-") actually work!

    Best regards - Alan R.

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    Hi Alan,

    Good Day to you.

    Thank you for the complements, concerns and suggestions.

    We are doing our best to improve our product and its documentation to give you the best that we can offer. We will keep your suggestion noted for improvements in the future.

    Best Regards,