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Using other displays with the diablo (or other 4D gpu)

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  • Using other displays with the diablo (or other 4D gpu)

    Hi guys. As often read in all forums, i am totally new here, and also pretty new to programming overall.
    Here is my issue:
    I am building rc model airplanes, and want to add functional displays for realism. These fit in scaled down frames, so i am highly sensitive on shape and size. The displays need to be square in shape, and usually have sizes between 1" and 1.5" diagonal. I now have 4 different displays i could use.
    I want them to show either prerecorded images, or animations using real time data (pressure, speed, temperature....) delivered from an arduino.

    I now have 4 issues:
    - I do not want to use arduino power for graphic creation.....they are busy reading other data and moving stuff around (->ineed a designated gpu)
    - I want a simple programming surface which i can use on all different displays without relearning or adapting to each and every one.
    - I want to integrate the different displays to work on a common gpu shield
    - 4D does not offer the different display sizes i need.

    so my question: does anyone have experience using the diablo (or a goldelux....) breakout board for other screens? Are they available somewhere? How do i go about incorporating other screens?

    Thanks for your time and help

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    Welcome to the forum.

    We do have an upcoming line of product which can be configured to work with different LCDs.
    It's best to contact us via our ticketing system( to see if we can arrange something for your case since the product hasn't been released yet.

    Could you please provide more information on your target LCDs along with their datasheet?

    Thanks and best regards,


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      Hello Sherwin. I was in contact with John Asuncion of your Tech Support about 2 weeks ago. He referred me to your sales department, but never got a response. I have just sent him out all the datasheets, and he has just opened a ticket for me. The Ticket Number is #EHY-75996. I hope this helps to get in touch. Else you can email me directly at [email protected]

      Thanks a lot, it sounds great to have such a solution, and i am very interested


      • sherwin4D
        sherwin4D commented
        Editing a comment

        Thank you for the information.

        We'll make sure to keep in touch.

        Best regards,