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Sending commands via 4Dworkshopp termiinal

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  • Sending commands via 4Dworkshopp termiinal

    I've been trying to talk to a uLCD-32 from an Arduino. The arduino is sending everything as it should, but display not following. Ive been looking at the Picasso Serial reference and trying to send simple commands via "Terminal 9600" in 4Dworkship. I have been using the "Send Hex" panel to try and just clear the screen. I send FF. Then CD - I see the green LED on the 4D-UP4. No response from dieplay.

    The display is currently loaded with the Arduino String demo - Strings.4EX. The Arduino has the companion sketch loaded, and is transmitting regularly.

    If I put FFCD in the send hex panel - the green LED on 4D-UP4 blinks - I get a 15 as a reply and the display does not clear. I assume the '15' is a NAK but I can't find an actual definition of NAK.

    Could I have a bad display???

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    Hi Alan,

    By the sounds of it you are sending Serial SPE commands to the display and the Serial SPE environment has been overwritten by String Demo which I believe is a Visi-Genie program. If this is the case then you need to be sending Visi-Genie commands to the display.

    There is an Arduino library for Visi-Genie which you can download from here.

    And the Visi-Genie User guide and reference manual can be found here

    If you would like to continue using the commands from the Picaso Serial Commands reference manual then you need to re-install the Serial SPE environment onto the display. You can do this by creating a new project in Workshop 4 and after choosing your display, click on Serial as the environment. When the Serial environment opens click on Tools and then SPE Load. This will flash the SPE environment onto the display, back to the way it was and you can then send the commands from the manual using Terminal 9600

    I hope this helps

    Best regards



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      Paul - I have bothe manuals you have referenced. Is the value “15” that is being returned (a \n?) an error code?

      Also I have the Arduino sketch (referenced above) running on an Uno. It is def transmitting as per the sketch. I have also added a couple debug print statements so I can see messages at key points in the sketch.

      So AFAIK, the Arduino sketch is running correctly, data is leaving the Arduino on its TX pin. Yet I see the display not responding (on the Rx pin of the Arduino or on the Tx pin of the display.

      I understand that I’m not typing valid commands via the Terminal 9600 - but I DO see the green LED on the programming board blink in response to the data.

      so - I have the right sketch in the Arduino, the correct Visi-genie on the display (all that is there is one lonely text box. The Tx LED blinks on the Arduino - but the Rx LED remains dark - no blink. This is NOT rocket-science - it should “just work”! I have lost many days struggling with this display trying to get it to send to the Arduino... The display works great - standalone - just can’t seem to get any data FROM it.

      Even with the 4D Workshop program loaded if I send the 2 bytes of the clear-screen command by way of the Terminsl9600 - shouldn’t the screen clear?

      im def dead in the water on this now... out of ideas. 🤦‍♀️