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How to display more than 1 video with a timer ?

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  • How to display more than 1 video with a timer ?

    Hello everybody,

    My name is Martin, I decided to try 4dSystems display for my new embedded project.
    There is a lot of documentation, but maybe not too much with mcu (PIC, ESP, arduino...) use cases (?).

    I need to play differents short videos (around 30 videos of 6s duration), I would like to use TIMER in order to start and stop videos but how do it if I have more than 8 videos ?
    I would like to use TIMER0 to launch and stop my 30 videos. Videos can be on differents forms, this is not a problem.

    Maybe is it possible to show all videos on the same Form and specify the video number that I want to play ?
    Maybe I need to have 30 Form with one video... How can I add more than one event to Timer0 ? Like : Video0NextFrame OR Video1NextFrame OR Video2NextFrame...

    Thank you very much for your help, I am currently programming in C.


    I am working with gen4-uLCD-43D ...