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Workshop4 IDE uLCD70D aspect ratio incorrect? IDE-preview good actual not?

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  • Workshop4 IDE uLCD70D aspect ratio incorrect? IDE-preview good actual not?

    Hi there,

    Working with the displays i've purchased and learned a lot of the software/firmware to handle them.
    (Also found out that due to the missing SD card & one gen4-PA for the 7" uLCD display (has been reported to TME) that other SD cards will fail after 10min or so. (not as high class as the 4D-systems ones, (those are really good! and work flawless).

    Now I have come across a very strange thing which hopefully somebody can help me with.
    I've 3 displays, 2x uLCD-GEN4-4.3" && 1x uLCD-GEN4-7".
    In Workshop4 IDE for the 4.3" displays, the previews are almost exactly the same as visble on the actual display after programming.
    However, the 7" (landscape, upsidedown is used in IDE) looks good in the previews, but after programming the resolution aspect/ratio is not correct!?
    (A round gauge of 228x228px nicely on preview, but I measure on the actual display a difference of ~10% --> width = height * ~10%) -->
    Example the gauge of 228x228 is looking as a 251x228px gauge on the actual display? (Only the 7" uLCD-GEN4-70D seems to be affected, the 4.3" displays nice round gauges!)
    It appears all objects are affected by this. So I assume it must be an error in firmware / IDE.

    Please check and revert if possible, thank you in advance!

    Kind regards,
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    Hi Paul,

    As per the gen4-uLCD-70DT's datasheet(page 27), the Pixel Pitch is 0.1925 x 0.179mm(width x height in landscape mode), so it's non-square pixel because we have lower pixel density horizontally but higher vertically(height).

    Click image for larger version  Name:	pixel pitch 7 inch display.png.jpg Views:	0 Size:	14.1 KB ID:	70592

    To compensate for this, you would need to either elongate vertically or shrink horizontally your widgets. For example, when using a Coolgauge, you would need to set the EqualDimensions property of CoolGauge to "No".

    Click image for larger version  Name:	equaldimensions.png.jpg Views:	0 Size:	39.8 KB ID:	70591

    Say you want a 256x256 gauge, then (256 * 0.179) / 0.1925 = 238, so if you make the gauge 256 pixels in height and 238 pixels wide, it should look round.

    This also applies to backgrounds if you need to put image as your form background, that is to say you would need to manually resize your image using the formula above.

    Hope this helps. Should you have any other query, feel free to ask.

    Good luck and best regards,
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      Hi swerwin.
      Thank you for the quick clear reply!.

      Now it makes sense, that will definitely do the trick.

      Kind regards,