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    I'm having a problem trying to change the size of the custom display object. There seems to be no obvious way of resizing it. What I am i missing guys?.

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    Can I ask for more details? What display module are you using?
    If you are opening a different project, you can go to the Project Tab, and select the display of your choice.
    However, if you have the display connected on your PC, the Workshop4 will automatically detect the display and will change it accordingly.

    Best Regards,


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      Sorry I have not been clear. I'm referring to the custom digits object in WS4 ViSi genie. I cannot resize this object.


      • John Kevin
        John Kevin commented
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        The size of the custom digits depends on the bitmap file that the user has loaded on the widget. Usually, the user creates their own image for the digits to further customize their projects. You may find some "Custom Digits" bitmap on this forum if you want to test it out.

        Best Regards,

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      OK thanks.


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        I'm attempting to use custom digits as well. I've looked around this forum and can't find a definitive guide to the specs for creating the BMP file of numbers.

        I've created a BMP image with "0123456789 -" and uploaded it as a the custom digit file. When various digits are requested by the host controller (arduino mega) I'm seeing the digits change but they are not precisely positioned. They are either cut off or have one of the neighboring digits (on the BMP file) peeking in from the sides.

        I'm guessing the IDE is setup to slice the bmp into equal segments...but the fonts I've tried don't keep each characters width the same.

        Searching the forum "NegDigits" and "Custom Digits" isn't getting it done. I see references back in 2015 that an Application Notes was in the works, but can't find it.

        Can you point me to any info or spec sheet of how to setup my BMP image of the numbers so that they will be sliced correctly?

        Thank you,
        David Foy


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          Hi David,

          Welcome to the forum.

          I've created a BMP image with "0123456789 -" and uploaded it as a the custom digit file.
          If you create an image containing "0123456789 -", you need to select the enhancements to properly adjust the image to show the correct digit. It is located on the Project Tab. What it does is that it divides the width of the image to 12 (which includes the (-) sign, and the (' ') space). If you only use an image which contains "0123456789", this enhancement should not be checked(by default, it divides the width to 10).

          Click image for larger version

Name:	customdigits.PNG
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Size:	5.2 KB
ID:	70899

          However, if you are still seeing some cut segments, then you must ensure that the spacing for each digit is equally divided. This could be done using a Photo Editor.

          I hope this helps.
          Best Regards