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How to display composite signal on GEN4-ULCD-35D device?

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  • How to display composite signal on GEN4-ULCD-35D device?

    Hello everyone,

    In one of my project I would like to display the screen of my Raspberry Pi Zero through the composite video (the yellow one) to my GEN4-ULCD-35D (because I already have it). In this project I can't use the HDMI port, just the composite video.
    So my questions are: Is it possible? In what way can I do that? Is it necessary to change the LCD Controller by another one?

    The most important for me in this case is to keep the display 3.5" and the Raspberry Pi Zero (with the composite video restriction).

    I hope someone can help me on this.


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    Welcome to the forum

    The gen4-uLCD-35D doesn't have a composite video input so you won't be able to do this. The gen4-uLCD-35D is an intelligent display and is usually controlled via serial so video inputs are not necessary on this type of display.

    The other option is to use one of our Pi displays which don't use the HDMI port,

    Best regards



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      Thank pauleilio for your reply.

      I keep in mind this display but I forgot to say, I already use many GPIO pins of my Raspberry.
      It's for that too can't used a "standard" display and I need a composite video.

      Thanks though

      Best Regards