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    Tearing my hair out using WS4. I have generated two forms. Form 0 has a good number of LED digts, switches, guages and buttons. All work as expected. In form 1 created 3 LED digits. I then added a button switch in form 1. When I go to select the event action of this button switch to link with with one of the LED digit objects I find there are none of the form 1 LED digits listed only a limited number of form 0 objects. Strangely if I select any of the form 1 LED digits and look at the event hander, these show all objects listed in both forms as would be expected. I have tried closing the program and re-opening but no change. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?

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    Whoops just noticed where the problem is.


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      Glad you solved it on your own.

      Do you mind sharing the solution? Some may find it helpful if they ran into the same issue.

      Thanks and kind regards,


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        I was confusing the job of the host controller with that of the S4 objects. Of course a switch object cannot control the input to an LED digit object through WS4 because the the switch has only 2 states whereas the digits can take on many states. At least that's my 10 cents worth.