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Help to write firmware to IOD-9 with 4D-UPA

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  • Help to write firmware to IOD-9 with 4D-UPA

    Hello, help me to understand how to write a firmware the IoD9-TH indicator.
    I have a new IoD9-TH indicator, and a new 4D-UPA board. I installed the drivers for the 4D-UPA. When I connect it to a computer, it is detected as “Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM16)”. If you insert an indicator into the programmer board, the indicator shows the initial splash screen (Text: 4D System gen4-IoD-9 4D Systeems (c) 2015 ...)
    And then nothing happens. When I try to connect to the programmer in the Workhop4 IDE, in the Comms menu tab, I get the message “Device not responding”. If I click on the “Rescan port” button, then the green LED on the programmer flashes 1 time and after about 3 seconds it flashes again. And the IDE again responds with “Device not responding”. At the same time, the indicator continues to show the startup screen saver and does not reseting.
    I checked the pins of the 4D_UPA board with oscilloscope. If an indicator is connected to the programmer, the only thing that happens when you try to connect is the command 0x34, 0x64, 0x67 0x6c at 115200 Baud appears on the pin 2 (UART-Tx). Pins 4 (Reset), 7 (G16) and 10 (G0) are in a high state, levels do not change and no impulses appear.
    If you I remove the indicator and try to connect to an empty programmer, then I see a zero pulse on a leg 4 (Reset), length is about of 50ms and the same command 0x34, 0x64, 0x67 0x6c appears on the pin 2.
    Pressing the Reset button on the board resets the indicator, it restarts and again displays the default screensaver.
    The indicator and programmer are completely new, they were purchased specifically for this project and have never been used before.
    So, the question is: what do I need to do to write my program into the indicator.

    I use Arduini IDE 1.8.11 and Workshop4 IDE on Windows 10 Pro

    I checked all contacts between 4D-UPA and everything is OK.
    when I try to flash the indicator despite the absence of response from 4D-UPA, I'm geting this error:

    usage: esptool [-h] [--chip {auto,esp8266,esp32}] [--port PORT] [--baud BAUD]
    [--before {default_reset,no_reset,no_reset_no_sync}]
    [--after {hard_reset,soft_reset,no_reset}] [--no-stub]
    [--trace] [--override-vddsdio [{1.8V,1.9V,OFF}]]
    {load_ram,dump_mem,read_mem,write_mem,write_flash,run,image_info,make_image,elf2image,read_mac,chip_ id,flash_id,read_flash_status,write_flash_status,read_flash,verify_flash,erase_flash,erase_region,ve rsion}

    esptool: error: argument operation: invalid choice: 'nodemcu' (choose from 'load_ram', 'dump_mem', 'read_mem', 'write_mem', 'write_flash', 'run', 'image_info', 'make_image', 'elf2image', 'read_mac', 'chip_id', 'flash_id', 'read_flash_status', 'write_flash_status', 'read_flash', 'verify_flash', 'erase_flash', 'erase_region', 'version')

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    Thanks everybody for your help!
    The issue was resolved by rolling to the older version of esp8266 board in the "arduino board manager". I installed ESP8266 version 2.6.2 instead of 2.6.3 and now 4d-UPA can write firmware into the 4dIod-9 two times out of three. However 4D Workhsop still cannot recognise if 4D-UPA connected or not. So I decided that this is just an enother bug in the 4D Workshop and I can live with it.
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      Welcome to the forum.

      Thank you for the information. We weren't aware of any issues with the recent core so I will carry out some tests to see if anything needs to change on our side. It is unusual for the UPA not to be detected by Workshop as a com port but it is usual for the IoD not to be recognized as Workshop 4 uses the Arduino IDE at compile time only so there is no detection of the IoD carried out. If the UPA com port shows up in Workshop then this is normal and Workshop is working correctly and not a bug.

      Workshop 4 is used for all our displays and as the IoD is and Arduino device the programming procedure is a little different but intgrates very well into Workshop.

      I will keep you updated on the 2.6.3 issue.

      Best regards