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WS4 with Arduino display modules

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  • WS4 with Arduino display modules

    I've happily used 4D displays for a few years now but just recently bought a couple of the Arduino based modules (the IOD-09TH and the 4Duino-24). Although I can get WS4 to compile and load programs to both, I must have something messed up with the installation as I experience the following annoying behavior in WS4:

    1. Every time I compile a program for either board WS4 pops up a "Confirm" message box saying, "4D Arduino libraries do not appear to exist. ... Continue anyway?" I click yes and the programs compile and run just fine. Why the message?

    2. More of an issue is that WS4 cannot find and open Arduino / ESP8266 header files from the context menu in the editor (e.g., ESP8266WiFi.h and GFx4dIoD9.h). Right-clicking on these file names in #include statements and choosing "Open file at cursor" does nothing. The same action works fine in Visi code for the uLCD-43PT, for example.

    I've tried uninstalling / reinstalling WS4 but that doesn't fix it. I've looked but cannot find an option in WS4 to set search paths. As I said my programs compile and run fine despite these anomalies, but I miss the ability to easily locate and open include files. Any advice on how I might be able to fix this?

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    The compiling works fine due to the Arduino IDE compiling the code you entered in Workshop. It looks like Workshop can't find the Arudino IDE folders correctly but I may have to check on this. Could you please let me know where you Arduino IDE is installed to on your PC.

    The 'Open file at Cursor' may be happening for the same reason as above.

    Usually the Arduino IDE is installed to c:\Program Files (x86)\

    Best regards



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      That's probably the issue - I have Arduino installed on a separate drive, an HDD with all my repos, instead of my SSD where I install WS4, Visual Studio, etc.

      My Arduino folder is: D:\Arduino.

      Thanks for looking into it, and for the lightening fast reply!