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#1 Shutdown procedure GEN4ULCD43D & 70D & #2 blink once powered on

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  • #1 Shutdown procedure GEN4ULCD43D & 70D & #2 blink once powered on

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I've a question related to the GEN4 ULCD43D & GEN4 ULC70D
    Have everything running quite stable now!, had 2 SD card fails (both from 4d systems class10) (SD cards hard malfunction, unable to do anything with them anymore) which I think were because of the immediate power loss while protoyping.

    Currently I've implemented a script to do the following as a shutdown procedure:
    #1 Set all displays to contrast "0" effectively turning the displays off (very small backlight still visible).
    #2 Set all displays to sleep "0" effectively turning off the display-processors (diablo16) (endless sleep, re-powerup required)
    #3 wait 1 sec to ensure all has been handled by the displays
    #4 shutdown power supply to the displays

    It seems to work very good, but I was wondering if this is the correct way to go?
    Just want it to be reliable, as the SD cards must survive

    #Another small question, all screens blink @ powerup, can this be fixed in the firmware?, that would be great!

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,
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    Hi Paul,

    Can you share us how are you powering the display?

    Best Regards,


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      Dear Kevin,

      The power supply used when the sd card's fail overtime, (1 month in between) during prototyping was a regulated 12v feed into dual variable output cheap LM2596 buck convertors (2x 5V 2A max outout) protected to 5.1v max.
      1 for the 70D. 1 for the other 2x 43D
      note: displays were turned off simple by removing the power without soft shutdown during prototyping. Hence I think that was the main reason the cards failed. (All formatted to fat16 4gb with 4d system program)

      Now recently (after the second sd failed) all displays are powered by a single digitally enabled Fixed output 3A buck converter (i've made specifically for a 5V 3A output operation with correct components & an additional ripple filtering so it's has a smooth and stable 5v line towards the displays inputs for the internal 5v-3.3v regulators. Programming altered to give the displays a proper way to shutdown before digitally turning of the buck converter (Display contrast 0 & forever sleepmode active). This seems to work well. I couldn't find any other ways to disable the displays/diablo 16 in the datasheets.


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        Please try the attached drivers for the flashing issue.
        Attached Files


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          Dear Mark, Thank you very much! Both drivers are working properly thank you very much, No more flash during powerup. Great! For others who may read this the files can be downloaded with internet exployer, with firefox the link doesn't work.