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Interface and comunication between PIC18F2685 and uLCD-70D

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  • Interface and comunication between PIC18F2685 and uLCD-70D


    I start working with this display. I've made a ViSi-Genie proyect and I load it in the display. All things are ok and I can change the leddiggits and the gauge with the gtx tool.

    Then I want to interface this display with a microcontroller PIC and send to the leddiggids objects some variables that are read with the PIC.
    Do you know how to connect the display to the PIC? How can I power the display? 5V or 12V? And how to program it, I found some commands and functions but they are not in the C library.
    I'm a little bit lost in that part of the proyect, sorry for to many questions.


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    Hi Alex,

    Good Day to you.

    You need to connect the uLCD-70D using the UART Serial communication.

    uLCD-70D PIC MCU
    +5V <------------------- 5V DC
    TX --------------------> RX
    RX <-------------------- TX
    GND ------------------- GND
    RES <------------------ Any Pin to reset the display module

    You need to first set up your PIC MCU and UART serial communication. Once you already set up serial communication then you can use this library to send/receive data into/from the display module.

    You can check this application note for reference. It uses a Workshop4 Environment and Processor but you can check how to configure the PIC MCU to communicate with the display.

    Designer or ViSi LoopBack Testing with a PIC MCU.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,


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      Thanks for your answer it was so usefull.

      I understand how the library works (at least I think so), but when I compile the proyect it give me that error:

      :0:: error: (500) undefined symbols:
      _genieGetByte(dist/default/production\NTC_Sensor.X.production.o) _geniePutByte(dist/default/production\NTC_Sensor.X.production.o) _geniePeekByte(dist/default/production\NTC_Sensor.X.production.o) _millis(dist/default/production\NTC_Sensor.X.production.o) _genieGetByteCount(dist/default/production\NTC_Sensor.X.production.o)

      I have to paste the entire visi_genie.c before my void main(void) in my proyect or how it works.

      Thanks you so much,