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Visi and Serial communication not working

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    The string size is about 1/2 height of the labels


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      Is this after you have changed the size to match the labels ?. If so increase the size again above the label size to see if you can match it.


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        I am using the File Transfer utility you mentioned because removing the SD card from the Display and putting it in the PC and then putting it back in the display every time I did a small change was getting frustrating. I am getting a little disheveled because I am not sure now what the best way to fast track this is? I haven't even started the main functionality yet


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          When I got your version, the size of the string text was tiny


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            Not sure how that happened as it was sized correctly here. I hope you managed to size it to suit now.


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              Paul. I will play with this... A much more important question..... When I touch the FREQUENCY label, can I somehow inform the host of that so that it can then know what was pressed and set the background to a color such as yellow or something highlighting it?


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                Thinking about the code that is needed for the Freescale device, from what I have read it is programmed in C / C++. It may be possible to modify one of Visi-Genie Libraries. The Arduino librarry might be the easiest to modify.


                There are some examples included which should help.


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                  The way around the label to have touch capability is to place a User Button on top of the label but don't load any images into the button. This will create a blank button on top of the label and the touch will be reported just like the Winbutton. The changing of the label, I will have to try it out first and create an example.


                  • Mick Burian
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                    Thanks. That would be great!

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                  Paul. The string controls, even though they have a width property, seem to allow overlap i.e please have a look at the attachment............. I set the width and entered 2.5...all good but when I enter 2.555555555, the value overlaps into the next label??? If I then write, say, 2.38, the rest of the 555555 is still at the end.
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                    If I want to pass a value of for example "240" into one of the string controls how do I convert it into the string that Genie Test eXecutor does ?
                    For example, the CURRENT String value, when I pass "240" into it from GTX, it converts it into [02 00 03 32 34 30 37]
                    What do the 1st two and last character stand for?


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                      How are you? I am waiting for some advise from you.
                      To add to my question, I don't understand the output GTX does when sending a value to a string
                      Can you explain the different values to me? I had a look at the various manuals........Serial, User reference but I don't understand the break up of the characters.

                      The values below show a string of 1180 being passed.......... then 1181, 1182, 1183 etc.

                      'Write Frequency [02 02 04 31 31 38 30 0C] = 1180
                      ' [02 02 04 31 31 38 31 0D] = 1181
                      ' [02 02 04 31 31 38 32 0E] = 1182
                      ' [02 02 04 31 31 38 33 0F] = 1183
                      ' [02 02 04 31 31 38 34 08] = 1184
                      ' [02 02 04 31 31 38 35 09] = 1185
                      ' [02 02 04 31 31 38 36 0A] = 1186

                      I can see 31, 31, 38, 31 being 1181, but what do the 2 characters at the end represent ( 0D, 0E, 0F etc.) and why are they different for each value?


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                        Hi Mick

                        Sorry for the delay

                        The last hexadecimal value is a checksum of all the preceeding bytes of the message

                        The checksum is made by XOR'ing all the bytes and this is then added to the end of the message

                        so [02 02 04 31 31 38 31 0D] = 1181, if using c++

                        chksum = 02 ^ 02 ^ 04 ^ 31 ^ 31 ^ 38 ^ 31;

                        page 5 and page 8 of the manual might explain it better


                        Best regards



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                          Hi Paul,

                          I don't suppose you could translate that for me in Visual Basic? I dont know c++....Also I took a look at page 5 and there was no reference to it.


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                            Hi Mick

                            Visual basic code to calulate the above checksum is

                            Dim result As Byte
                            result = &H2 Xor &H2 Xor &H4 Xor &H31 Xor &H31 Xor &H38 Xor &H31


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                              Hi Paul,

                              Thank you . my main issue is how to cater for strings with variable lengths...

                              240 or 1181 or 2.5 etc. Hard coding works but catering for variable lengths is confusing... sorry can you assist?