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Gen4-uLCD-70DCT-CLB-AR now only works (vs Visi-Genie) in Serial mode

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  • Gen4-uLCD-70DCT-CLB-AR now only works (vs Visi-Genie) in Serial mode

    An experience if nothing else to share:
    My Gen4-uLCD-70DCT-CLB-AR was working fine going back and forth between visi-geni and serial projects done dozens of times without issue.
    I control the display thru an Arduino (Uno and Mega depending on why I am playing with at the time).
    Everything was fine and the only thing that I did differently this time (in a clean Visi-Genie project) is try to do Magic things.
    Since I couldn't get Magic to work, due to my lack of understanding and patience, I abandoned that experiment, and removed the Magic code.
    I went back to a clean new Visi-Genie project and built etc. as per standard operating procedures but now the display does not respond at all with the Arduino Genie code.

    To make a long story short (famous last words) as a proof that it still works on the simplest level and to eliminate any introduced errors that I might have made or make,
    I built a new Genie project, clean, built, downloaded etc. again I have decent experience doing so, not new to me, been using these displays for years.
    On the Arduino side, I load up a simple hello world (like I did early on with this display) again not at all new to C, C++ the Arduino or this display.
    Dead simple setup.
    Ran it and it resets, but calling any genie method does nothing. Tried various baud rates etc, on 5 different Arduinos 2 of them brand new.
    Theres really not a lot do to try and troubleshoot. That is, as by design, there's not a lot involved to making it just "go".

    So at this point NONE of my old visi-genie projects with Arduino (genie) sketches work any longer.
    I am using the new shield BTW and have not tried it without it.
    In the workshop app it all looks fine and the display responds normally as far as I can tell.

    Now then, alternatively I reset the display back to Serial mode (in workshop) and fired up the BigDemo and that works fine. Yay! at least I have that
    As does all of my old Serial projects and code.

    As it is, I can move along with just Serial (it does have it's advantages over Genie) but the option to use Genie is out and I bought the pro license, so that kinda bums me out.
    Sigh.. so I don't need a long back and forth of "show me the code" and such really. I have already spent way too much time on it.
    If it weren't for the fact that it works with Serial mode, I would just toss it and go with a different display (not 4dSystems).

    Really my question is: Does this sound familiar to anyone?
    Even if you had this issue and never resolved it, it would be nice to know.
    Maybe know that I broke it? -which I am ok with

    thanks guys!


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    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your detailed feedback and sorry to hear your having issues with Genie. We haven't had an issue like this to deal with on the forum so it's really hard to say what could be wrong. I'm glad to hear that the Serial SPE mode still works and can safely rule out any hardware issues.

    It would be great to try to understand why it isn't working for you as we have a lot of appnotes that could help during the learning curve of Magic Code.

    The only thing I can suggest are checking some basic configuration settings within Workshop like the Genie Tab in File, options. This is what it should look like if using an Arduino connected to RX, TX on the gen4-IB

    Click image for larger version

Name:	GenieSettings.png
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Size:	51.7 KB
ID:	71495

    Also, if using the shield for the first time then check the reset logic in the Arduino code assuming that the display is blank screen when testing

    With Shield

    pinMode(4, OUTPUT); // Set D4 on Arduino to Output (4D Arduino Adaptor V2 - Display Reset)
    digitalWrite(4,HIGH); // Reset the Display via D4
    digitalWrite(4,LOW); // unReset the Display via D4
    delay (3500); //let the display start up

    Without Shield

    pinMode(4, OUTPUT); // Set D4 on Arduino to Output (4D Arduino Adaptor V2 - Display Reset)
    digitalWrite(4,LOW); // Reset the Display via D4
    digitalWrite(4,HIGH); // unReset the Display via D4
    delay (3500); //let the display start up

    If there is any more information you could give me with regards to what happens when you run the new genie code it would help greatly.

    Best regards



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      Hey Paul!
      Thanks for the reply and you were right on the money.
      My brain completely skipped over the Genie tab and it was the baud rate there! Derp..
      I must have been playing with baud rates on an earlier Genie project before changing over to a Serial project weeks later.
      At least if someone else goofs like I did they might see this and check that straight away.
      All is good now!
      Thanks again.