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Send picture with serial communication

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  • Send picture with serial communication

    Is it possible to send picture with serial communication to the screen ?

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    Hi Olivier

    It is possible but you would have to do this with Magic Code to start the function. We don't have an example for this but as you have elready created a Magic Object then you should be able to do something with the information found on page 192 of this manual

    The image that you send would be RGB 565 so 2 bytes per pixel. An image converted in Workshop to a GCI would be suitable to use if you start reading from byte 7

    The way that you would do this is to have the Magic Object run code similar to this,

    disp_setGRAM(40, 60, 100, 150);

    Your host would then send each pixel from the RGB565 image until it has finished all pixels to fill the GRAM window. Once all the pixels have been written the Magic Object function would exit.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards