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4Duino Ultrasonic Sensor downloads please!

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  • 4Duino Ultrasonic Sensor downloads please!

    Hi, I´m playing around with my 4Duino and trying to implement the Ultrasonic Sensor project but as you know the 4Duino projects site is down and I don't have a way to download related zip files.

    The project was originally postd by 4DSystem staff in:
    But all sites/project points to the file which I'm unable to find even in

    So if anyone can provide this file will help me a lot, even if the staff can address the problem site even better.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have managed to find a copy of it on the server. Attached
    Hopefully that is what you need.

    Unfortunately the website is down and it is unsure if/when it will be back up.

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    • lechuga
      lechuga commented
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      Hi James, thanks a lot for this file.

      Is there a way to get all the projects published in a site/drive/dropbox at hand for learning purposes?

      Thanks in advance.

    • James_4DSystems
      James_4DSystems commented
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      We are working on a way to bring these back to the public domain - however there is no ETA at the moment for when that might be, we are still investigating options.
      If there is another project you are looking for, just message the exact file name that you are after, like you did above, and we can have a hunt for the files for you.