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    I have written code in my Arduino Uno to create a screen saver and it works fine.
    My project is a garden watering system. The screen saver activates 30 minutes after the pump has stopped running and all irrigation valves are closed.
    Once the screen saver is activated the code changes the LCD screen to Form 5 and sets the brightness to zero.

    Form 5 is just a form with a large USERBUTTON covering the whole screen. Pressing the screen actually activates the USERBUTTON and resets the screen saver and brightness and takes
    the user to the Main Screen.

    The problem with the code is that the user could be navigating through the screen pages and not actually activating anything. The screen saver could actually activate whilst the user is just
    navigating through the pages.

    I need to know if there is a way to sense with the Arduino code if the user is navigating through the pages.
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    Hi RobC,

    You can query the display for the current form, or add a report event for the Form on its activation so that the Arduino code is notified on what form it's currently on when navigating.


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      Hi Jerson,
      Thanks for your reply.
      Could you give me a bit more info please.
      How do I query the display for the current form?
      How do I add a report event back to the Arduino when the Event is already set to activate another Form, can you have more than one event?


      Just worked it out. I forgot I can report and event from the actual Form itself. This should do the trick for me.
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