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Resistive Touch Display - GEN4-ULCD-24PT

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  • Resistive Touch Display - GEN4-ULCD-24PT

    Hello 4D Team,

    Our company has a product that uses the GEN4-ULCD-35D. We are updating the product and want a smaller screen with touch screen. We are looking at the GEN4-ULCD-24PT. We have a concern is about using a resistive touch screen. One thing I have hears about resistive touch is that it requires more touch pressure to operate and that pressure may increase over the life of the screen. Our users are largely military vets and there is concern that the screen be easy to use. Also, are there any additional ESD concerns with the resistive touch screen. We would like to put a clear insulating layer over the screen to help eliminate ESD concerns and help with possible wear. Please share your thoughts regarding these issues and resistive touch displays. Also, is there an option for capacitive touch in the size range of the 24PT?

    Thank you.


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    Hi Martin,

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    Please check the email I have just responded to.

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