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  • Workshop 4 design philosophy


    I'm new to all this and I'm not sure I understand what is the point on limiting the flow between Designer, VISI and Genie. Although I read the documentation and I understand the difference between the 4 design environments, I don't understand why It has to be so restrictive when it comes to combining features between VISI and VISI Genie. For instance, the number of events for each widget is limited in VISI genie and the events tab is completely disable in VISI. I wonder if it could be possible to leave/add the events tab in VISI, so that it generates the code for the events as well. Also, in VISI Genie it would be nice to be able to open VISI files where custom widgets can be added to a personal library.

    I guess that my ideal scenario it would be one where I can use as much of the high productivity of VISI Genie, but with the option to add my own custom widgets to a personal library. In this way we only code custom stuff and we only do it once.

    It would be nice to have an on-screen emulation of the device to keep working and testing even when we don't have the display at hand.

    Is this functionality available in any way and I somehow missed it?

    if what I propose makes no sense. Could you please explain how should I organise my workflow to minimise coding for simple stuff that are usually managed with event in VISI Genie?

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    The simplest solution I can think of that could solve your current predicament is to purchase the Workshop4 IDE Pro license so you'll be able to add 4DGL codes in any part of your ViSi-Genie project. In other words, you could have the features both environment has to offer.

    You could then use GTX tool to emulate widgets/objects in your display module which can be found in the Tools tab of Workshop4.

    Kind regards,
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