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cant get basic demo to communicate

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    What uSD card are you using? Are you using one of the 4D Industrial ones, or something else?

    Regarding the Serial issue, COM0 and COM1, can you explain in detail your connections to each of the UARTs and what they are connecting to outside the module, ie COM1 is connected to 'ABC' and then to the computer, and COM1 is connected directly to 'XYZ' etc. Maybe even a picture if you can. That will help us understand what the issue might be. Thanks

    Out of interest, do you have a photo of your setup on the Dash with the enclosure, would love to see what you have done


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      I am not sure about the micro sd card. I have quite a few. I have used the high capability with other boards without any problems. I do have a 4gb card that came with the display. I will try that when my new board from Arrow arrives. The first board is no longer powering up. Hopefully Sherwin is looking into it for me. As soon as I get back up and running I will get back with you. I have not permanently mounted the display yet. When I get it in permanent I will send you a photo. Thanks.


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        Originally posted by Frank B View Post
        After further reading I have noticed that there is a baud rate setting under projects tab. I was using the setting under the genie tab in the options section. It would really be nice if all of this information was compiled in one document. I have seen references to many document in the forum. each one seems to have a small piece to solving the puzzle.
        I fully agree, I wasted two days debugging because of the confusing or missing docs. I constantly overlooked the project tab settings and I have even used a logic analyzer to find out what's wrong there - wrong baudrate and wrong pins - so annoying. I don't know who has designed this software's settings but it is a nightmare.