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Refresh rate of scope changes when writing on other objects using ESP32 as host

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  • Refresh rate of scope changes when writing on other objects using ESP32 as host

    Hi everyone.

    I have a simple project on ESP32 where i collect data from sensors and have to display on 70-DT (diablo16) LCD.
    The objects i need to write are 3 Scopes and 6 LED digits.
    I initialize the LCD correctly using genieArduino library, call doEvents() on every loop and the data is currently being transmitted.
    My problem is: when i write only to the scopes i have the same "refresh speed" as i can see 1 period cycle on the scope - when another cycle starts the previous is already gone. And this refresh speed is the same if i write to only 1 scope or to 3 scopes. The problem is when i start writing to the LED digits (or any other object) - the refresh speed of the scopes changes slowing down the graphic (i can see way more than only 1 cycle now) and the more different objects i write to, the slower the scope refreshes. I searched this problem and found that it usually happens when trying to write on objects that aren't in the current form but this is not the case.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Would it be possible to send me your Genie project and the Arduino code and I will test it here. You can either upload the zipped project by clicking on File then Zip Project and upload the zip here or you can email it to me, paul at 4dsystems dot com dot au

    Best regards



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      Hello pauleilio . I sent you an email explaining the details of my issue alongside all the necessary files.


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        Hi guys! Were you able to resolve the issue? I am planning to implement an esp32 host as well. Hope for an update!