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Kernel Cross Compile GEN4-4DPI-70T

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  • Kernel Cross Compile GEN4-4DPI-70T

    I followed the directions here to cross compile the latest kernel:

    And used this to get the correct kernel sources and directions:

    When i rebooted, i only had the initial rainbow screen. So i tried again, this time i left out the 4dsystems source and the kernel build was successful. That tells me I had did the steps correctly. So my question, is the the latest Kernel source for 4d Systems compatible with the latest kernel? What is the latest kernel build that someone has successfully completed? Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

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    Good Day to you.

    What machine are you using in cross-compiling? What version of Raspberry PI are you using?
    The 4D systems kernel sources are still compatible with the current Raspberry Pi latest kernel.

    We already have a new display kernel that you can use.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


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      Thank you, I saw that after this post.


      • Entissar REDJ
        Entissar REDJ commented
        Editing a comment
        Good Day to you.

        I'm currently working on Kernel Cross Compile GEN4-4DPI-43CT. I've already started building custom kernel by following the steps mentioned in the 2 links above : and based on the available source code in the product page's download section but when connecting the touch screen to the raspberry pi, the screen lights up but remain blank.

        Can you please help me with the correct steps to get a successful kernel build ?

        thank you in advance.