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gen4-uLCD-50DT display does not respond anymore

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  • gen4-uLCD-50DT display does not respond anymore


    After having spent a significant amount of time I now have a valid program for driving a gen4-ulcd-50DT display.

    Before to going further I made a few attemps in order "crash-test" the display (industrial strength board design). This worked well as I managed to end up with a display that remained totally mute, whatever I sent: valid commands or dummy bytes, and even after a hard reset (of the display or the driving board). I used reset pulses of different lengths and waited up to 10 seconds after a reset before to send anything. Only powering off the display unlocks it.

    In normal use the display is polled at regular intervals for a user touch action with the TOUCH_GET command. Some other commands also work well. And I also wait for the ACK before to send a new command.

    How do I crash test the display ? I just suddenly halt a debugging session, which stops the communication flow at an undefinite time. The program is then reset and the communication starts again. Most of the time the display runs normally, some other times it needs to be "resynchronised", and say once every 5 or 10 times it remains mute forever.

    How is that it is not possible to reset a display ? Will I have to add a relay in order to control the power supply of the display by the CPU ?
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    My mistake...
    Apparently I did not wait enough time before resending commands to the display after the hard reset.
    However this seems strange that this action definitely locks the display.
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