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Winbutton Showing as Black Rectangle with Red "X"

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  • Winbutton Showing as Black Rectangle with Red "X"

    Dear Forum,

    I am currently using a uLCD-43PT with Visi Genie. I have configured one of the WinButtons with a short caption "TIME". The StatusWhenOff should show "1 SEC", and the StatusWhenOn should show "2 SEC".

    But what I am getting is a black rectangle with red lines across the diagonals as shown in the attached photo. I have seen this situation in the past for other projects and I have previously diagnosed this issue as having overlapping objects and/or the placement of the WinButton slightly off the screen. In this case I do not see either of these occurring.

    The button still seems to work with my Arduino MEGA 2560. With each consecutive press of the button, I read the button push and I can see the time variable that I am using changing in the serial monitor from 1 SEC to 2 SEC (I read the button push and assign the variable inTime = 1000 or inTime = 2000 milliseconds depending on the on/off status). So I know that the button is working properly. It just doesn't display properly.

    Any ideas???


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    Hi Neal

    That means the object is being written to in a way that is out of range, so if you have for example a gauge which has 0-50 scaling and you write 60 to it, then it would show this box with a red X over it, as the gauge has no way to present the data it was sent, hence the box with red X.

    In the case of your button, are you somehow writing something out of range?

    Another thing could be that you are writing to an object which does not exist in your display project anymore, for example if you are writing to a String which might have been deleted, it can cause effects on other objects as the memory could be used by another object now. Just be sure you only write to things from your Host that exist in your display project, and be sure you are only writing in the range the objects can handle.

    If this doesn't help, please come back with some more info, and maybe subject your project for us to have a look at