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Issue displaying sensor data on uoled-96-g2

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  • Issue displaying sensor data on uoled-96-g2

    Im hoping someone can help.. I have had days of headaches trying to display the sensor data from a I2C BME280 to my uoled-96-g2.
    The BME280 outputs float for the Temperature and uint32_t for humidity and pressure.. I am able to read the sensor output over the Serial Monitor via the Seeed_BME280 Library but when i try to display on the uoled, 0 is all that shows up for everything... I have tried string, floats, itoa, dtostrf and simple Display.print... all show 0 as an output.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Could you please give us more information on how the display is receiving those data? Ideally, the simplest way to do this is to introduce an init buffer in the uOLED-96-g2 display module. Then, on your host controller, you'll have to transmit those data per byte, and not as 32 bit data. You can then format the received data as you see fit.

    Thanks and regards,


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      Hey, thanks for the welcome and thank you for the swift reply!

      Sorry, i forgot to give a full explanation of my hardware setup..

      So I have an Arduino Nano with the uoled-96-g2 connected via the hardware Serial, the BME280 is on the I2C line along with some other sensors, all of which give their values in float or uint32_t.

      My aim is to have the uoled display the senor values as current reading (with a little delay) so far i can only get "0" or " " to display as the sensor value on the uoled..
      If i load the individual sensor sketches to the Arduino I get the correct output over the Serial monitor in Arduino IDE..


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        Thank you for the help, i managed to get it working by starting again from scratch and building the sketch one sensor at a time...