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Potential customer in need of clarification.

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  • Potential customer in need of clarification.

    Hello; my small team here creates movie style and cosplay props and costumes. Your HMI products caught our eye for a current project above competitors because of your apparent engagement with customers and larger selection of products. Whereas your competition appears to be much less responsive to customer inquiry,

    Our current project requires two mirrored dynamic displays. Your gen 4 7.0 inch high brightness touch screen display on the Diablo16 framework seems to be the closest fit to what we need.
    im wanting to grab a smaller screen for development purposes but would like to know if it offers the ability we need.

    Your visi-wizard development style appears to be what we desire in an IDE with this we only need a few separate images to run on the screen at any one time. We have a simple gif we wish to run in one part of the screen. one small still image, and a larger image that can be dynamically changed via input from an arduino based bord (Teensy 4.0 to be exact) This teensy will be controlling separate led lights and providing audio processing. plus a large transparent button that can play a short animation, send a signal to the arduino to play a sound and then return to the previous screen.

    what we wish to do is be able to dynamically switch one image based on audio volume (this part we have handled for similar projects) and have multiple pages with different sets of images. This seems simple enough but we want all the drawing to be done on the display and only send commands over serial to the Diablo16 screen.

    is this all possible without extensive manual programming of the screens themselves or by having to handle the graphics processing on the arduinos?

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    Hi Aiasha,

    Good Day.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Thank you for considering 4D Systems products as your choice.

    You can use our ViSi-Genie environment to set all the graphics from workshop4 IDE then connect your host controller like Arduino or Teensy. You can do all the above requirements without extensive programming of the display and just need your host controller to send command on which image to be displayed.

    For development, you may need to check out our gen4-uLCD-50DCT-CLB-SB which has the same resolution as the gen4-uLCD-70DCT-CLB-SB.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,