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Changing sensitivity of capacitive touch ?

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  • Changing sensitivity of capacitive touch ?

    I am using a uLCD-70DCT-CLB display with capacitive touch. The customer wants to mount the display behind a protective glass cover, but then the capacitive touch functionality no longer works.

    I have found an old thread from 2016: with a link to a zip file to increase sensitivity.

    However, that link no longer works, and I cannot find any other documentation on this topic.

    Is there a solution ?

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    The ZIP download still worked fine for me. I have attached it here. I have not looked at it however but I hope it helps. If you are still suck, please message again.

    I assume you mean you are using a gen4-uLCD-70DCT-CLB ?

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      I have downloaded the program and tried it out, I've also sent a copy to customer. We have both tried different values, but it looks like it has no effect at all.

      I've tried THRESHOLD and PEAK values between 0 and 255, but in each case, the sensitivity looks to be exactly the same as in default configuration (max distance it reacts to is about 1 mm of cardstock)

      I am using the gen4-uLCD-70DCT-CLB.

      When I run the program with values in the zip file, it says:

      Version: 00 01 54 01 00
      ID_G_THGROUP VALUES 00 1E 11 11 11

      If I comment out the two calls to SetReg() it shows the default values:
      ID_G_THGROUP VALUES 3C 32 11 11 11

      So it looks like the program is communicating properly with the touch controller.

      Is there anything else we can do ?


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        I am experiencing the exact same problem; no increased sensitivity whatsoever.
        Is the 43DCT module using a different CTPM compared to the 70DCT?

        James_4DSystems ; are there any other suggestions / insights you can share?

        Thanks in advance!