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Bluesolar Charge controller display

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  • Bluesolar Charge controller display

    Hi everyone,
    is the first time that I write on this forum, I want make a display for some information that a solar battery charger sent out by a serial.
    The solar charger is a Victron Energy MPPT 75/15, and the display is a uLCD-35DT.

    The solar charger transmits blocks of data at 1 second intervals.
    Each field is sent using the following format:

    The identifiers are defined as follows:

    Identifier Meaning
    <Newline> A carriage return followed by a line feed (0x0D, 0x0A)
    <Field-Label> An arbitrary length label that identifies the field. Where applicable, this
    will be the same as the label that is used on the LCD.
    <Tab> A horizontal tab (0x09)
    <Field-Value> The ASCII formatted value of this field. The number of characters
    transmitted depends on the magnitude and sign of the value

    And the data that coming out are the following:

    PID0 xA013UH
    V 13425
    I 5524
    VPV 17552
    PPV 4258

    CS 0
    MPPT 0
    ERR 0
    IL 0
    H 1913
    H 200
    H 210
    H 222
    H 2377
    H SDS9
    Checksum g

    I want extract and use only the four highlighted fields. I can program on PIC and ATMEL but i never extract something from a serial.

    I still don't understand how select from the stream the right data to show.

    Could someone indicate me some examlple that can help me?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Kindly refer to this forum post on how you could interface PIC to the display module:
    Interface and comunication between PIC18F2685 and uLCD-70D

    Please see this appnote for the example:
    Designer or ViSi Loop Back Testing with a PIC MCU

    Hope this helps.



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      Thank you for the answare, but I that example I can't find something useful, i can use the serial, i can receive all the data send from the charger but I can't extract the right data from the array, and after I can't convert the char received in a number to show on display.


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        Apologies for misunderstanding.

        If that is the case, kindly have a look at this appnote on how to show received data on the display:
        AN-00056 Designer or ViSi String Class Functions

        You might find this demo helpful if you haven't established serial communication between the display module and PIC/ATMEL:
        4D-CD-00054 Designer or ViSi Diablo16 Serial Communication

        Let us know if you have further query on these.