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  • uOLED 160-G2 question

    I recently purchased a u160-G2 screen for star trek tricorder screen project.I have already written the code and tested it on a u96.Screen. The code allows 3 buttons to select which video clip the screen plays.The only way to code it was to use the set_videoframe function to display 1 frame of the video and then check the OI1 pin to see if a button was pressed.if a button was pressed the video clip was changed by changing the start frame the set-videoframe displayed.On the u96 it works very well. it cant quite do 20 frames per is certainly a bit slower than using the command to play a video.I cant use that command because the program does not advance untuil the video clip is over and therefore the button presses are only detected after the clip ends.Anyway my work around works well for the u96.I assumed it would work just as well for the u160.However there is a longer lag time between frames.I assume since the screen is bigger it is taking the processor longer to display the frame? is that correct or is there some other reason that the same code on the u96 gives me almost 20 fps but on the u160 I am guessing it is closer to 10 fps.

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    I fail to see why the larger module, uOLED-160-G2, will play the video clip slower. The only way the playback would slow down is if the resolution of the video is of higher fidelity. Have you changed the video to higher resolution/quality to accommodate the higher pixel count on the uOLED-160-G2?

    Furthermore, if there's no change has been made in the resolution, could you please try to isolate the playback of the video from the rest of your code to see if both display module will play the video at the same rate? You may create another project that will only play video to test. Please post a video of the result if possible.

    If it is alright, you could also post your project here for us to have a closer look.

    Thank you and kind regards,
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      I solved the problem.It wasnt the screen.The video editing software I used for some reason had saved the file as a 45 fps clip.When I changed it to 24 fps it works fine.My bad.With the smaller screen you couldnt really tell how fast the clip was playing.

      Another question.Is there a way to preview the video clip in workshop4?


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        That's good to know.

        Currently, there's no way to preview a video clip inside Workshop4. Media players are highly ubiquitous these days and Windows OS should have a built-in media player. If the format is not supported, you could always download third party players, e.g. VLC Media Player

        Hope this helps.

        Kindest regards,


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          yes I use a media player and editor to make the video clips.The issue I am having is when workshop4 processes the clip the frame count doesnt always match the frame count of the video clip.For example I uploaded a 20 second 10fps clip into workshop 4.When I check the object inspector it said 199 frames.However when I loaded a different 20 second 10fps clip I got a frame count of 159.


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            Hello Carl,

            The first clip seems to be correct. One frame is negligible.

            Could you please upload both clips for us to check? Thanks.

            Kind regards,