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Slow loading of images - store in flash instead?

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  • Slow loading of images - store in flash instead?

    I have a uLCD-90DLCT display. My use case is extremely simple: I have few static images with some user buttons on each. Touch works fine but why is switching of pictures so slow? It's like in those 90s movies when the image is loading horizontally line by line - takes almost a second to switch. Is this because the images are stored on SD card? Is it possible to save them in flash memory instead? That is, if that would even help. This is pretty weird issue since I have some other touchscreens (from other manufacturers) laying around here and the switching between images is instantaneous (press a button, switch to next screen use case).

    I am not using any code - just configured two forms in VisiDesigner, one button on each form which switches to other form.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to hear that you find the form switching slow. I'm not really sure what is meant by the drawing in line by line. A full screen 800 * 480 image being displayed in very much less than a second but usually smaller static images flash onto the display.

    Could you please let me know a bit more about your setup eg type of SD card etc and if possible send me your project so I can compare it here.

    Best regards