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My program has reached the __MAXPROG limit. What do I do?

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  • My program has reached the __MAXPROG limit. What do I do?


    I have been using 4D.Visi to create screens and logic using 4DGL. My project has about 20 screens and there is a need to develop at least a couple more.
    My platform is the Gen4 uLCD 32DT display board and I am using the Visi environment.

    At this time I am getting the following message after compilation:

    Error: maximum program size of 32750 for device has been exceeded (code size required 33979)
    1 error
    0 warnings
    83 notices

    Is there something I can do about it?
    In the aux file generated after compilation, __MAXPROG is 32750
    I believe that Diablo16 has 6 Flash Banks, each 32KB. Is it possible to use second or further banks to keep program code and load it from there to RAM as needed?
    Ideally, I would love to store all constant data in another bank and read it from there. How do I achieve this?

    I am frantically searching for some type of complete guide on how to use parent and child programs.

    I did come across AN 55, but that uses the uSD card and not flash banks.

    How to write a program so that it gets compiled and then downloaded to a particular flashbank?

    How to read that program from the flash and run it? (Ok, this is easy... flash_Run(FLASHBANK_1)

    If I wish to copy data to a given flash bank, and retrieve it from there as and when needed, so that data is not stored all the time in flashbank0, How do I do that?

    Is it possible to use pre-processor statement, which specifies the location of the data? In that case, it can be prepended to the #DATA--#END blocks to ensure that these get written to a particular flash bank.

    So many questions, and no clear answers or documentation. 4D folks, Please help me out.

    Please find my project zipped and attached here.

    Best Regards,
    Vishal Sapre
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    Hi Vishal

    I've managed to free up about 5k of flash space by bunching some repetitive code into a function. I've placed the function at the end of the code and I hope it's use is self explanatory. There may be other areas of repetitive code that may benefit being put in a function and reduce code space.

    Best regards

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      Hello Paul,

      Thanks for that insight. It was all auto-generated code, (using paste code button from object inspector), and so maybe I did not think it out.
      Your help was Great.

      Can you provide me pointers, as to where I can learn more about moving a particular program, to a particular flash bank. I am unable to find any code references.
      How do I put the data (program etc) into a flash bank of my choice, in the first place?

      Best Regards,