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Raspberry ViSi GUI projects examples.

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  • Raspberry ViSi GUI projects examples.


    I'm new to do smart screen technology. I have the SK-GEN4-43DT kit for Raspberry.

    I'm looking for full example projects that include GUI made in ViSi creator as well as the code for raspberry board that communicate with that GUI.

    I already made some simple GUI using ViSi with few buttons and forms but I don't know how to implement the 4DGL generated code to raspberry. I would like to communicate with raspberry PC through TTL Interface via USB.

    Thanks I advance for any help :-)

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    Good Day.

    Welcome to the forum.

    I think I would suggest using ViSi-Genie as we already have an available library that you can use for the communication between the Raspberry Pi and gen4-uLCD-43DT.

    ViSi-Genie RaspPi Library

    You can also check this project as a reference.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


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      Ok, I'm now using Vi-Si Genie and I already know how the protocol work :-) Sending data from Terminal in Workshop works fine.
      Now I need to send the data to my LCD by USB from Host computer running Linux.

      RaspPi Library can't be builded on my linux system.
      Is there any code example just how to set up Serial communication between host and LCD?

      I made some basic C++ code in QT Creator but i dont get any data from LCD after sending a frame. Connection seems to work but when I send for example: 010a0000000b (tested in workshop terminal) I dont get any response from LCD - not even acknowledge or not acknowledge hex feedback.