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Arduino mega doesn't update screen 70DT

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  • Arduino mega doesn't update screen 70DT


    I have purchased the ULCD-70DT-AR screen and I'm trying to program it through Arduino MEGA 2650. When only connected to the computer/4D systems software, the screen updates. However, when connected to the arduino host, the screen doesn't update, even though the code is fine since I'm using Arduino's Diablo16's BigDemo.

    I am using the 4D programming cable and adaptor shield.

    Attached is a picture of my wiring. Could you tell me what could possibly be wrong ?

    Kind regards,
    Oumaïma HOUMANE
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    With the Arduino Mega you should be using Serial1, which is marked as RX1, TX1 on the mega and they should be connected to the centre pins of J3 & J4 of the adapter shield with jumper wires.

    The code for the BigDemo will also have to be altered to Serial1.

    Serial0 on the mega is where the USB to Serial is connected and can cause problems.

    Looking at the image, J3 & J4 have no jumper set so it wouldn't function on Serial0 setup like this in any case. It is highly recommended to use Serial1 when using the Mega.

    Deatils of J3 & J4 can be found on page 5 of the datasheet

    I hope this helps

    Best regards



    • oumyth
      oumyth commented
      Editing a comment

      Just used Serial1 and problem is solved ! Thank you

      Best regards